Friday, March 18, 2011

Tutorial 1: Auto citation

i found this on the internet
(masa nak mencari mcm mana den nak bt citation?? then terpikior kan zaman canggih manggih ni
so apa lagi meet my best fren 'encik google',sy pon jumpa lah teknik2 nya ni")
so, for those who doesn't know how to do bibliographies or citation..
u can go to this site easybib
where here you just put the link of your journal/website/ online books that you have read
then it automatically done for you the citation/bibliographies
like this
nampak tak?? hihi(click on pic untuk kasi besar)
ok that's all for this tutorial 1 from me..
sonang jo... but sometimes lecturer lain2 cara mereka minta bt citation/bibliogrphy.. so up to your lecturer 
"lain org lain carenye ..kan2"
salam sayang dr sy kazumi mysarah
"think differently in making opinion..."

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