Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Working Life......

Today is  7 Ramadhan and exactly 14 days I worked in new workplace. (tgh sesuaikan diri). hopefully I will survive here. What I work now?? Now I work as a programmer.(programmer muda..masih terkedek2 lagi) ha. today I want to talk a bit about the task of a programmer .. Who knows may be an example or guide .. ceit,  Just two weeks here wanna to story .
Job description as  a  programmer is  depend on the place you working around. :)
                                                Programmer = Programming :)
So of course it is related to programming language. What language to use are followed by your company lor :).  There is a lot type of programming language such as asp classic (the though one), vb, html, css, visual studio (this visual studio leh developed programm use pelbagai jenis language). As programmer you also need to know about Server management where there is sql statement which u need to master :).. sql again

Falsh back: In university life , aku la yg paling x suka sql, but sebenarnya itulah yg paling sonang dalam dunia pekerjaan ni nak faham :) .. I like it.

Not just that, U also need to developed/maintain system your company. Have to do report or other related with IT field such as designing anything for other department in your company. :)

Actually, I did't think want to be a programmer because I really don't like programming. But I will try the best till I like it. Because we are created to be a khalifah. Maybe this is my journey give by HIM. Allah always know what the best for their human being, HE will not give the challenge which burden to the human . . "Be a good programmer and not give up MAISARAH" (Just Allah know how my feeling)

My advise, If you are too stuck into the IT field do not worry. Put an effort on it, and redho with what u get. Maybe people outside there are more less fortunate than you, be grateful to Allah. "Bismillahhitawakkaltu A'lallah".

I already try to be as a graphic designer, IT Consultant and now as Programmer.. How a about you? share with me.

 I really like as a Graphic Designer where there you can put your own idea/creativity inside your design..

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  1. i thought u r no longer a blogger.hee..
    muncul jgk entri ni. :)

    1. Alhamdulillah I will make my blog get alive back.. :) just take time kak hawa :)